Map Posters

These maps were created in the courses Design in Geovisualization and Desktop Publishing in Cartography in my third semester of CDE.

As a large number of providers on the Internet prove, it is a contemporary trend to hang up map posters in your own home. The design of such maps consists often of a simple but large data set of road networks or buildings in an entire city or area. The posters only serve as a decoration or eye-catcher and offer no further intended use other than an attractive aesthetic.

For someone who is familiar with geospatial data, creating such art with maps is not a big challenge. In a short time, impressive designs can be created with large-scale free data sets (like OSM) and minimalistic symbolization settings.

For my study works I created some of these map posters in different styles myself. They are all based on open data acquired from OpenStreetMap. Often a simple black symbolization of the road network or just all buildings creates great posters. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your creativity.