Bird Map of Smetanovy Sady

This map was created in the course Design in Geovisualization in my third semester of CDE.

The idea of this project was to gain experience in designing a map that goes beyond the ordinary possibilities that are usually used in GIS software like ArcGIS Pro.

For the fictional topic of bird species in a public park in the city of Olomouc a unique design had to be developed. For this, the first step was to design point symbols which could be used to locate the bird species. I found a symbol of a sparrow that I liked and designed a set of symbols in the same art style for my map.

Based on the created symbols the rest of the design was developed. The possibilities of styling layers in ArcGIS Pro were explored and used to achieve a pleasing and coherent look. Additionally, I used the software Inkscape to add the graphical elements around the map.