Internship at eoVision

In the lecture-free period between the second and third semester of CDE I pursued the mandatory 8-week internship.

The company I chose is eoVision. It is located in Salzburg and is working on creating and publishing products like books, atlases, maps or calendars using geodata and especially remotely sensed image products. Apart from that, the small team of eoVision is also offering consultancy services for topics related to geoinformatics.

My tasks

During my time at eoVision I worked on creating interactive applications to display geospatial data on the web. In 2007 the European Space Agency (ESA) published a school atlas showing maps and explaining events on the earth by using satellite image data. Currently, eoVision is working on creating a web version of this product. The desired goal is a website which can be used as a modern educational product by including interactive web map elements and mobile support.

My tasks included research on currently available possibilities to create interactive web map content. Eventually, the JavaScript mapping library of OpenLayers was identified as promising and therefore tested extensively. For this project, a workflow for producing a large number of more or less similar web maps had to be found. For this purpose, automatically generated basic OpenLayers web maps from QGIS-projects were tested and additional required features added later manually. These additional functions included swipe and slide functionalities, timeseries animations and connections to Geoserver web services, which were either adapted from existing plugins or developed by myself:

Another of my tasks was to develop a prototype for a 3D web application which contains a globe on which different areas of the world can be showcased and selected. In addition, filter and search functions, clustering and exchangeable basemaps had to be included in the application. To achieve this, I used the CESIUM library and designed an application based on the wishes of my supervisor and the requirements of the planned project:

Before starting this internship I already had prior knowledge about web mapping which was acquired through courses in my bachelor’s degree and the Geovisualization and Advanced Cartography course in my first semester of CDE. At eoVision I was given time to get to know the used libraries before working on the project. HTML, CSS but especially JavaScript were used to develop the shown applications.

Evaluation of the internship

Overall, I rate my internship at eoVision as a very positive experience. In the eight weeks of the internship, I worked full-time and was able to gain valuable experience and could acquire new skills in the field of web development. As eoVision is a very small company that only had two employees at the time of my internship, communication in the company is straightforward and uncomplicated. As a downside this means that as an intern you work alone and independently most of the time. In addition, the eoVision employees have only little experience in programming web applications themselves, so I was hardly able to get help with programming-related problems. I was appropriately payed for my work as a student intern, but a payment also comes with certain expectation of the employer regarding the intern’s performance, which can be met through diligence and possibly good results. My employer was satisfied with the work I created and always showed understanding when I got stuck with a problem. I was given time to familiarize myself with the new web development tools and the following guideline of my internship contract was always respected:

“The internship serves to convey and acquire professional knowledge, skills and experiences for the intern […]. The focus is on learning. It must not depend on the intern’s work performance.”

eoVision is a mainly German-speaking company. However, eoVision also works for many international clients and therefore welcomes English-speaking interns as well.
I would recommend an internship at eoVision if you are looking for an independent way of working, creative freedom to solve challenging tasks and fair working conditions.