Cartography. MOOC

The Esri MOOC Cartography. is a six-week online course on cartographic principles and on creating maps in various output formats using ArcGIS Pro.

The first lessons of this MOOC were about creating two-dimensional maps and explaining various basic principles that need to be considered for good cartographic design. The courses gave insight on designing visually pleasing maps by knowing how to work with color and how to create layout compositions. Other exercises showed what effects map projections can have and how they can be used to deliver a specific message. While working on election maps different classification techniques and when to use them without altering the truth were introduced. Additionally, a range of thematic maps were designed to show the same data in different ways.

Some of the resulting maps are showcased in this slideshow:

The last two lessons of the Cartography MOOC focused on mapping techniques in 3D and across time. For example, datasets of a mudslide were used to first build a three-dimensional scene and to later creating a animation showing the slide’s impact. In various other examples the principles of animating content through time were taught.

Two of the resulting animations are presented here: