Tourist Map of Lake Hallstatt

This map was created in the course Geovisualization and Advanced Cartography in the first semester of CDE.

This project was titled All about lakes and had the aim of creating a map of any chosen lake while applying cartographic principles. One of the most famous lakes in Austria is Lake Hallstatt, which is part of a World Heritage Site and on the shores of which lies the charming village of Hallstatt. These circumstances seemed perfect to create a tourist map of this region highlighting selected attractions that might be of interest to foreign visitors.

One objective of the task was to create the entire map from scratch, meaning not to use an ordinary basemap. Several open data portals where used to acquire the datasets required to create the desired map. After the data extraction, application of generalization-functions, and careful thoughts about color schemes a good-looking map was the result. All work was conducted in ArcGIS Pro.

Tourist Map of Lake Hallstatt

The content of this static map was implemented as a web map in a later project. See: Web Map of Lake Hallstatt